Keep on the Shadowfell

A4: Burial Site

The group finally make it to the Dragon grave site near the end of the day. The approach the site from the east and make it to the edge of the the grave site, and are able to look down into the site. They see 2 drakes standing at the bottom of the ramp leading into the site, and they also see what looks like some humans working near the site. The drakes notice the group and take off up the ramp at the group. The humans go into motion grabbing their weapons and heading for the ramp. A gnome in the pit stands near a man that is tied up. Azalea leads the charge at the drakes with Dom, Mr.T, and Akmenos close on her heels while Dave stays at the top of the pit and starts launching darts from his hands again. The group quickly gets the jump on the drakes and cut them down. The humans charge at the group, but the rangers head straight down through their ranks cutting them down. A halfling along the western ridge starts launching crossbow bolts at the group till it hears a crashing noise come up from behind it. Suddenly a minotaur carrying a large battle axe and a shield that has the symbol of Kord on it crashes through the woods slamming into the halfling and throwing it off the cliff and into the site. The minotaur then jumps down the side of the cliff, sliding down the side to control its decent. The group rush toward whats left of the humans and the gnome, while Dave continues to cast darts into the pit. In a scissor move the group herds the enemy towards the minotaur which starts cutting everybody down. Azalea heads over to the man that was tied up, the rangers walk around and secure the area, while Akmenos searches the bodies for lute. Dave charges down into the site to stand with Azalea, as the minotaur approaches. Akmenos finds money on the humans and halfling, and finds a necklace upon the Gnome. Upon searching through some of the boxes in the site, he finds a mirror which he slides into his pack without anybody seeing. Akmenos heads over to the rest of the group who is talking to both the man and the Minotaur. The Minotaur introduces himself as Asteron, a knight of Kord. He just so happens to be passing by the area and he heard the fighting, so he decided to join in the fun. Azalea unties the man who identifies himself as Dauven Staul. He tells the group that he was here doing some work at the site when this group captured him. He over heard them talking about being sent out here to collect some items for the cult. He also mentions that his necklace was taken and asks if anybody found it, explaining that it was a locket that has a picture of him and his wife that he keeps with him. Akmenos surprisingly walks through the group and hands over the locket. The minotaur tells the group that he has some other things he was attending to and needed to leave, but thanked them for the fun. The group, with Dauven in tow, make it back to Winterhaven, and a happy reunion with his wife. The group decides to rest the night at the inn, and get ready to leave in the morning to search after the kobold lair.

A1: Koblod Ambush

On their way out of the village the team meets up with a Half-Elf Ranger calling himself Mr. T. Azalea notices that the atmosphere between Mr.T and Dave seems familiar, like they know each other prior to this meeting. They tell Mr.T that they are heading out to locate a Dragon grave site, where they might find the missing husband. Mr.T says that he will help guide them to the grave site since he is rather familiar with the surrounding area. Mr.T and Dave walk casually ahead of the group talking amongst themselves while Azalea follows behind them, with Akmenos behind her, and Dom taking up a rear guard. The group starts walking between a group of large rocks. In the back of the group, Dom tries to scream out a warning as a group of armored kobolds leap out and attack the group. The 3 armored kobolds rush at Mr.T and Dave, quickly engaging them in combat. Mr.T manages to repel his attackers, and Dave swings his staff in an attempt to defend himself, but he isn’t a match for his attacker. Azalea rushes up and helps Mr.T fight off the 2 kobolds, and Dom rushes off to the right side to flank the kobold attacking Dave. Akmenos heads off to the left and runs into 2 more kobolds. 1 kobold shoots a crossbow bolt at him which he dodges, and another kobold launches an energy orb his way. Dom manages to distract the kobold attacking Dave, allowing him to slip away and go into spell casting. Working together, Azalea and Mr.T manage to slowly take down to kobolds and work there way towards the kobold shooting energy orbs. Dom finishes up with the kobold he was fighting and joins up with the others. Dave works his way around the boulders and goes into spell casting, launching small darts from his fingers that fly at the remaining kobolds. They kill the kobolds and start sorting through the bodies hoping to find some clues. They find some money on the kobolds, but Akmenos finds a necklace on the kobold which he shows the group. Azalea steps forward to inspect the necklace and sees that it is a dragon figurine, but underneath the figurine is the etching of a skull with a rams horns. She informs the group that it seems like a rough symbol of Orcus, Demon Lord of the Undead. After a quick talk between themselves they feel that saving the husband from the Dragon grave site is still the priority, so they continue on their way.

On The Road: Kobold Brigande
p. The Adventurer’s decide to head to Winterhaven, to help out Marla, and investigate the rumors about cultist activities in the area. Azalea, a Deva Paladin of Sune, and Dave Grohl, a Halfling Necromancer hit the road, with the help of their guide Tor, who is a Warlock Shifter. While on the road they were jumped by a group of Kobolds. Slightly out numbered (7-3), the group put up a good fight and managed to kill all the kobolds. They managed to find so money on the monsters and not much else. They finally arrived at Winterhaven, where Azalea and Dave part ways with Tor, and head to Wrafton’s Inn to get a room and set up a place to start their search. p. After getting a room they decide the best place to start their search is by talking to the locals in the bar. The get a few drinks and speak with the Proprietor of the inn, Salvana Wrafton. She lets them know that other travelers arrived earlier that day and that they were hear for the same reason. Azalea and Dave end up meeting Akemos, and Tiefling Rogue, and Dom, an Eladrin Scout. They speak with a few of the villagers there that night, noting that one elf seems to be rather rude, and keeps to herself.

The next day the go and speak with the Lord of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig. Lord Padraig didn’t know anything of the cult, but did mention that there have been many attacks by kobolds lately and that he wished the adventurers would seek them out and rid the town of this problem. The group agrees having hit a dead end in their investigation. The return to Wraftons to come up with a plan when a lady comes into the tavern seeking their help. She tells them that she is worried about her husband. She tells them that he was an archiologist and that he has been working out at an old burial site of a dragon, but a few days ago he never returned home. She told the town guard about her fears but they were unable to help her. They agree to help and rush to grab their gear and hit the road.

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