Keep on the Shadowfell

A1: Koblod Ambush

On their way out of the village the team meets up with a Half-Elf Ranger calling himself Mr. T. Azalea notices that the atmosphere between Mr.T and Dave seems familiar, like they know each other prior to this meeting. They tell Mr.T that they are heading out to locate a Dragon grave site, where they might find the missing husband. Mr.T says that he will help guide them to the grave site since he is rather familiar with the surrounding area. Mr.T and Dave walk casually ahead of the group talking amongst themselves while Azalea follows behind them, with Akmenos behind her, and Dom taking up a rear guard. The group starts walking between a group of large rocks. In the back of the group, Dom tries to scream out a warning as a group of armored kobolds leap out and attack the group. The 3 armored kobolds rush at Mr.T and Dave, quickly engaging them in combat. Mr.T manages to repel his attackers, and Dave swings his staff in an attempt to defend himself, but he isn’t a match for his attacker. Azalea rushes up and helps Mr.T fight off the 2 kobolds, and Dom rushes off to the right side to flank the kobold attacking Dave. Akmenos heads off to the left and runs into 2 more kobolds. 1 kobold shoots a crossbow bolt at him which he dodges, and another kobold launches an energy orb his way. Dom manages to distract the kobold attacking Dave, allowing him to slip away and go into spell casting. Working together, Azalea and Mr.T manage to slowly take down to kobolds and work there way towards the kobold shooting energy orbs. Dom finishes up with the kobold he was fighting and joins up with the others. Dave works his way around the boulders and goes into spell casting, launching small darts from his fingers that fly at the remaining kobolds. They kill the kobolds and start sorting through the bodies hoping to find some clues. They find some money on the kobolds, but Akmenos finds a necklace on the kobold which he shows the group. Azalea steps forward to inspect the necklace and sees that it is a dragon figurine, but underneath the figurine is the etching of a skull with a rams horns. She informs the group that it seems like a rough symbol of Orcus, Demon Lord of the Undead. After a quick talk between themselves they feel that saving the husband from the Dragon grave site is still the priority, so they continue on their way.



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