Keep on the Shadowfell

On The Road: Kobold Brigande

p. The Adventurer’s decide to head to Winterhaven, to help out Marla, and investigate the rumors about cultist activities in the area. Azalea, a Deva Paladin of Sune, and Dave Grohl, a Halfling Necromancer hit the road, with the help of their guide Tor, who is a Warlock Shifter. While on the road they were jumped by a group of Kobolds. Slightly out numbered (7-3), the group put up a good fight and managed to kill all the kobolds. They managed to find so money on the monsters and not much else. They finally arrived at Winterhaven, where Azalea and Dave part ways with Tor, and head to Wrafton’s Inn to get a room and set up a place to start their search. p. After getting a room they decide the best place to start their search is by talking to the locals in the bar. The get a few drinks and speak with the Proprietor of the inn, Salvana Wrafton. She lets them know that other travelers arrived earlier that day and that they were hear for the same reason. Azalea and Dave end up meeting Akemos, and Tiefling Rogue, and Dom, an Eladrin Scout. They speak with a few of the villagers there that night, noting that one elf seems to be rather rude, and keeps to herself.

The next day the go and speak with the Lord of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig. Lord Padraig didn’t know anything of the cult, but did mention that there have been many attacks by kobolds lately and that he wished the adventurers would seek them out and rid the town of this problem. The group agrees having hit a dead end in their investigation. The return to Wraftons to come up with a plan when a lady comes into the tavern seeking their help. She tells them that she is worried about her husband. She tells them that he was an archiologist and that he has been working out at an old burial site of a dragon, but a few days ago he never returned home. She told the town guard about her fears but they were unable to help her. They agree to help and rush to grab their gear and hit the road.



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